Welcome to IEEEDuino!
The interactive IEEE hardware contest where you compete for top prizes!

What is IEEEDuino
IEEEDuino is a student-focused hardware contest to inspire student members in Europe, Middle East, and Africa to design, build, test, and demonstrate an innovative project on an Arduino microcontroller. Innovators, makers, and developers across the region, an opportunity to take part in a hardware design and build competition and compete against others in IEEE Region 8 and win great prizes for both winning and participating!

What is an Arduino
The Arduino is an open-source development board based on the Microchip ATmega328P microcontroller. The board has everything onboard that a developer needs to program, test, and interface with the outside world. Due to its simplicity, the Arduino board is extraordinarily cheap, meaning that it is the ideal reference board for maker projects both small and large.

How does the contest work?
IEEE Student members are invited to enter the contest, either alone or in teams of up to three. During the summer, your team will need to submit your plan, design, and background to us, which will be examined carefully.

From the submitted ideas, 10 submissions will be selected to participate in the build phase. If you are selected, you will receive an Arduino Nano microcontroller, funded by Region 8, to develop your idea.

You can build your design at home, or may use your university labs to extend the hardware using passive and active components on a breadboard. When you’re finished, send us a short video of the system, and an explanation of how it works. A high-resolution photograph of the entry and a copy of the code will also be required for judging.

Awesome Prizes!
You can win amazing prizes for submitting the best idea to IEEEDuino. $300 USD will be given to the best submission, with $200 and $100 for the second and third place. All selected participants will also get to keep their Arduino Nano development kit and will receive a certificate of participation.


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