We are delighted to announce that registration for the IEEEDuino design contest 2024 is now OPEN!

Register now to participate in the contest using the online registration form. Please ensure that all fields are completed correctly before submission:


Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions. You will be required to obtain the approval of your IEEE Section Chair and Student Branch Counselor in order to participate.

Once your team application has been approved, you prepare a proposal document to the team, describing what you plan to build and how you plan to build it. Be sure to include details on the following:

  • The issue or problem that your design is proposing to address,
  • How this solution differs from what is already available,
  • How you plan to use the Arduino kit to solve this issue,
  • A block diagram, circuit layout, or extracts of Arduino or Pseudo-code,
  • A list of any additional materials or resources you will use,
  • Your forward plan of how you will spend the build week, if selected,
  • How you will test the completed design.

The full rules and mark scheme are available in the ‘Rules and FAQ’ section. You must download the outline document for submission here: <link to the outline document already on this page>